Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ruby Mountains - Terraces

There are a couple day use areas in the canyon. My favorite is The Terraces. It was originally the site of a Forest Service Station. Now it has individual picnic sites dispersed among the quaking aspen trees, each very private.

And then there's the views down the canyon from my favorite spot.

A rustic water system, an old foundation, and stairs build into the granite terraces are all that's left of the Ranger Station.

The cabin over looked a cool native flower garden in the front.

Out the back door those lucky rangers had a waterfall.

The early soldiers thought the red rocks were rubies and so the name Ruby Mountains. They were actually finding garnets. I didn't find any rubies or even garnets in the creeks, but the granite rocks sure had lots of color mixed in. (On second thought, maybe after this big run-off it will be a good time to look for garnets!).

I walked down the road hoping to get some good shots of the terraces. No luck there, but Lamoille Creek was sure beautiful.

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