Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Tripping Yosemite

It’s been a banner year for water in Yosemite with a 199% of normal snow pack.  Friend S and I cancelled two previous times due to Merced River hitting  flood stage.  It did lap on the road a couple of days, and parts of the meadow are still under water. But no serious flooding thanks to our unusually cool June.

So this day, we did a tourist loop around the valley, checking out the water falls and visiting the museum to see the current exhibits.

First stop is always Bridalveil Fall.  It was 10:00 all ready, but the sun was just beginning to peak over the canyon wall.


The mist was heavy and the water was an inch or so deep on the walk way, but we braved the elements to catch a glimpse of the whole fall. 

Next stop was along the Merced River in the meadow. Don’t be fooled by this calm water,  it was roaring just a mile or so down stream.  The flow was in the 6-7,000 cubic feet a second,  down from a high of closer to 8,000 or maybe even a little more.


We expected crowds and were pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t that bad.  Easy parking and relatively quiet roads.  Another stop at the meadow to see Yosemite Falls.


Crossing the bridge we couldn’t get a parking place for the long shot of both the Upper and Lower Falls, so continued on to the new parking area at the base of Falls.  What a joy this area is compared to the old bus parking.  The Park did good on this one!

The view walking up the trail to the base of the Lower Fall is always amazing.  This year it is beyond awesome.  I’m so glad I got to see this run-off, even if not the peak.


We walked the loop, again braving the driving mist and wind to cross the bridge at the base of the Lower Fall.  The creek was crazy over the rocks. 


Just a few hundred yards back down the trail the same Yosemite Creek flowing flowing serenely under the next bridge. 


Late dogwood blossoms!


And with a last long look at Half Dome we hit the trail for home.


(FYI for anyone going to Yosemite,  the museum has an outstanding exhibit called “Views and Visitors: The Yosemite Experience in the Early 20th Century” this year.  It’s worth a stop by the Visitor’s Center)

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