Friday, June 3, 2011

Balmorhea State Park

Following several ‘escape from I-10 for a couple hours’ stops at Balmorhea,  this time I planned my travel across west Texas to include an over night stay.


Here is my perfect camp before the SEVERE wind, thunder, and lightening arrived (and stayed until close to mid-night!).


The canals carry the water from the springs out of the park, through downtown Balmorhea and then into ag land.  The first pic is in the park; the second in town.



The water in the springs stays between 72* and 76* year round.  These warm temps reflect the temperature of the rocks the water flows through underground.

About 6 pm the Rangers came to the spring to ask us to leave because of the lightening storm on the way.  A few stragglers didn’t want to leave.  One guy had just arrived after the 7 hour drive from Austin.  Very disappointed!


A Great Horned Owl watched the activity from a tree. Probably very happy the humans were leaving his territory early!


Even (or because of) with the storm we had a gorgeous sunset!


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  1. Sorry to hear you hit bad weather. We sure didn't get any of that rain here in San Antonio. Have a safe trip back and we'll see you in the fall. longdog2


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