Friday, May 13, 2011

Lake Martin

(I fell in love with this whole area and am so sad reading the news reports.  Here is a link to a story today on CNN.)

By Sunday morning most of the gals were packing up to leave or ready for a quiet morning in camp.  Carolyn hooked up her fiver, towed it home to Butte Larose, and came back to go exploring Lake Martin with me and Birdie.

There’s a fabulous Visitor’s Center, a boardwalk through the swamp, and a trail around the lake.  People actually go boating on this lake with the biggest alligators you ever saw!  Kids playi along the shore, and fishers wade in the water.  It’s all about what one is used to I guess!

Birdie has eagle eyes when it comes to sighting birds.  She spotted this great Night Heron fishing in the weeds.


It was amazing to me to see alligators in the wild.  Mostly they were out sunning themselves, but we did spot one swimming in the middle of a pool.




The Nature Consevancy owns this area and operators the Visitor’s Center.  The volunteers were great and the photographs displayed were beautiful shots of the local wildlife. 


We saw great birds on the boardwalk but no more alligators.  Good thing, that might have been too close for me.  The water is not more than a couple feet below the walkway.



My friends, Carolyn and Nancy, graciously stopped for a quick picture.


At the Visitor’s Center Carolyn confirmed the location of the rookery she had seen several years before.  This was just the best way to end our visit to the swamp.  Egrets, great blue herons, little blue herons, and roseate spoonbills were nesting in the woods about a hundred yards from the roadway.  With binoculars and long lens we got a really good look.  It was just the best!  Thanks Carolyn!!!!!


OK, well,  maybe one more thing to top off the day.  A big platter of crawfish!   After a lesson in blending the perfect sauce and removing the tail meat from the shell, Birdie and I each finished off 2 pounds of crawfish and Carolyn declared us honorary CANJUNS!!!!!


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