Monday, May 30, 2011

Lake Livingston State Recreation Area


I liked Lake Livingston so much I extended my stay there to three nights on the return leg of my trip.  It’s in the forest and feels very much like Cherry Lake in Stanislaus National Forest.  My camp was on a hill near the water line. 


The lake is owned by the Trinity River Authority and the city of Houston.  TRA has 30% of the water rights; Houston the other 70%, It has 450 miles of shoreline.  I remember reading the capacity and thinking it is bigger than Melones,  but the exact number escapes me tonight! 

The park itself has 5 – 6 miles of hiking and biking trails.  Along with several more miles of roads.  I rented a bike and enjoyed it so much I bought a folding bike when I got back to Austin!

This is typical of the trail system.  The tree across the trail at the far end of the park looks like a gate!



The Nature Trail is a one mile loop past a wetland area with an open pond developed to attract as many birds as possible.  The feeding stations were frequented by several brilliant cardinals.  Blue iris were blooming along the shore. 



In the evenings I watched the egrets and herons flying off to their roosting areas and then returning to the lake in the morning. 

And one evening there was a gorgeous sunset.


Lake Livingston is not more than 4 hours from Austin. I’m looking forward to kayaking and biking trip next fall.

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