Monday, February 21, 2011

Sugar Pine Snowshoe

Monday was forecast as the clear day between storms.  Yay!  They got that one right.  I snow shoed the Sugar Pine Railroad between Middle Camp Road and Lyons Lake with adventure buddy P.  It was a perfect day!

The utilities district had run a snow cat with a plow though on Saturday.  It’s probably a bit more than a foot deep on the railroad bed.


The pines on the north slope were shrouded in heavy snow.


And the oaks were still holding on to enough snow to be spectacular against the blue sky.


Before long we were down several layers.


I have hiked (and taken horses) on this railroad many times;  it’s a popular local trail, less than ten minutes off Highway 108.  But not yesterday,  no tracks,  no people for the two plus hours were were out there.


(To my Texas and Florida friends…..this area is 30 minutes from my place in Jamestown where we got only a light dusting of snow :)

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