Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice and Snow

Sometimes the local paper forecasts an ‘arctic blast’.  That usually means very cold air is dropping down on us from Canada and it might last a day or so.  This time it arrived Monday night (after an 80* high that afternoon) and lasted until Friday afternoon.  Nights were in the teens and days didn’t reach 30 degrees.  But the SNOW that we woke up to on Friday morning made all the whole cold week worthwhile.

A tiny creek in my complex was frozen early in the week.


I peeked outside about 1 am on Friday morning to find a light dusting of snow and was happy to see close to an inch by morning.  All schools and government offices were closed.  The guy upstairs didn’t listen to radio and left early for school.


My van was frozen solid for until Saturday morning,  no sun on this side of the building.


The water in the pool was a gorgeous color against the snow.


The snow was so cold it looked like coarse salt piled in the leaves of the agave plant.


The last time it snowed in Austin was 2006, the year these two were born.  Hope they remember how much more fun they had this time!


Mittens were lost and fingers were cold too soon.  After a warm up we did our best to clear the walk and stairs with my camp shovel. 


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