Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mueller Lake Park

There’s a cool park on the site of the old Mueller Airport (along with a housing development :).  It’s just off Airport Blvd near I 35.  Looks like the area is being built in phases.  Some houses have been there long enough to have established trees.  Other areas have roads and sidewalks, no homes.  And on the Manor Road side, still open fields.


I wonder what the plans are for the air traffic control tower besides sending holiday greetings?


The lake functions as part of the watershed runoff system.  There are almost 5 miles of trail,  picnic areas, play grounds, and many excellent interpretive signs.


It’s actually a park within a ‘green belt’ so much of the area is native vegetation while specific areas are developed for multi-uses.


Driving by on Manor Road I didn’t know about the park.  What first caught my eye (and peaked by curiosity) was a giant spider sculpture.

But first, near a parking area I found these…….


….and then along the trail was the spider.


I swear I didn’t see that raised leg when I snapped the first picture!


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