Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Trees Escape

The fall days are too beautiful to spend at home!  Today we escaped to Calaveras Big Trees for a hike and a picnic.  A few dog woods are  beginning to turn red. 


Afternoon sunshine created lovely back lighting for this red leaf.


I checked John Muir Laws “Sierra Nevada Guide” for the correct name of the these dog wood ‘fruit clusters’.  (btw,  the Guide is an excellent book for anyone interested in natural history of Sierra and Laws visits schools getting kids excited about nature, very cool!)


Big trees have big knots.


A mossy log is a nice back drop for red leaves.


Folks up and down the highway are collecting wood in anticipation of winter.  I wish this pile of cedar was in my backyard.  It’s not, but I do have a fire wood post for next time! (Try not to be too excited! :)


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