Friday, September 24, 2010

Klamath Falls (without the falls)

I was determined to find a map of the little town of Klamath Falls, Everyone I asked laughed and offered a map of Portland. They laughed even more when I asked where the falls were.  It wasn’t until we stopped in at the Chamber of Commerce the next morning that I found a map AND someone who knew about the falls.  As it turned out the falls are actually a series of cascades and I did get a map, but have yet to open it. 

Not to worry,  two things we did see more than made up for the falls.

Peaking out the tiny back window of the motel I saw a paved trail and  went to explore while P went to breakfast.  This is so cool!  The OC&E Woods Line State Trail.  It’s a 100 mile trail along a railroad right of way.


This old railroad car marks the trail head.



The trail was paved through Klamath Falls, while many miles in the country remain dirt for horse backers.  Several people were commuting to work on bikes in the section I walked that morning. (Hey Tuolumne County!  We could do this!)

OK, the next excellent find was the Favell Western Museum.  They have an outstanding collection.  The three references to this museum that I had read before visiting gave no clue to the extensive collections. So many arrow heads (60,000!).  An amazing ‘fire opal’ arrowhead that is housed in the vault.  Outstanding art work and photography.  No pictures inside so you will just have to visit.  Trust me, this is a destination.


There is more to see in Klamath Falls.  I want to go back soon.  Here is a peak at a Victorian in the neighborhood.


And the picket fence out front.


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  1. I lived there for a few years as a kid(10-12). The museum is one of my favorite places there! I haven't been back there since. Maybe this next summer on our way back to Washington! Thanks for the pics, brings back a few memories!

    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"


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