Tuesday, September 7, 2010

June Lake

We spent a fun few days in the Gull/June Lake area recently.  Sister, Auntie, Super Nephews S and G, and I packed up the Ravs with fishing equipment, kayaks, hiking boots and way too much food early Sunday morning to beat the traffic over Tioga Pass.

Super G found the perfect rock to climb at Olmstead Point.


The east shore of June Lake is sandy and swallow for great swimming and kayaking. 


Carson Peak dominates the whole June Lake loop.  Gull Lake is famous for big trout.  No luck for our fishermen though.


Doing some highway, some cross country, a bit of a power access road and finally back to town was my hiking route around Gull Lake.  


Tenaya Lake on our way back over Tioga Pass and home again.


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  1. Beautiful area and what an unusual twisted tree! Too bad nobody caught any fish.


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