Monday, July 5, 2010

Stop in Luling?!?

My route to the Gulf Coast takes me through a little town called Luling.  There are a couple of stop lights and many oil wells that  smell terrible!  It was the water tower that finally got me to stop long enough to explore the area.


I drove straight through town and parked near the bridge across the San Marcos River. This little dam was evidently build for the Mill that sits on north side of the river.


Not sure the purpose of this structure.  Maybe when the water elevation is lower I can figure it out.


I headed across the highway to get a better look at these valve stems. Once I got a little closer it was clear they have been removed from the dam along with a disassembled jet valve.


I was really glad the valve stems caught my eye because they led me to the Mill!


The mill has corrugated steel siding on building of many sizes and shapes.  Too bad the steely color did not photograph against a steeling gray sky.  There’s lots of great old equipment still in place.


These fly wheels made me think of West Portal.


These fasteners were on an old wagon.



Pecan trees probably grow bigger, but this is the biggest one I have ever seen!


Next time I’m passing through Luling I’ll explore downtown, hope it’s as much fun as the river!

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