Monday, July 5, 2010

Just One More State Park

Highway 183 between Luling and Gonzales is not a freeway, but it is four lanes with busy traffic.  Several times the sign for Palmetto State Park has caught my eye without a break in traffic for me to get across the highway.  This time I was watching carefully behind me for the opportunity to make a left turn. Wow!  I had no idea what was waiting for me at the bottom of the hill.

This canopy of trees doesn’t look much like Texas!


So, it’s an amazing swamp with countless palmetto palms. 



There are two campground, rather rustic, and a river with canoes for rent and swimming. I was not too excited about  exploring the trails after I saw a group of teens come out wearing snake chaps!


There is a ‘hydraulic ram’ pump (like the one at Eleanor) that pumps water into a very cool water tower and then distributes it back into the swamp.


The foundation for the water tower was constructed of big rocks.  They look like lava, but not sure about that.


This park is another of the CCC projects of the 1930s that became the backbone of the Texas State Park system.  There was a private party happening in the pavilion so I couldn’t get good snaps.


While this park is really fascinating I would want to learn about it on a ranger guided tour.  Short of that, here’s a closer look at the palmetto leaves….


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  1. So awesome! I really, really want to check this place out now!


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