Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Trips - Yosemite

Another day trip my first week home was with my friend, C, and her grands to Yosemite.  The falls (and rivers) were all spectacular this year with a 150% snow pack.  And with the long cool spring it was a fantastic year for people to visit the park. 

Bridal Vail is the first fall that comes into view along the 120 route.  We stopped for a quick picnic lunch and then hiked up the trail.  The grands were willing to get soaked but not me!  I headed back down as soon as I snapped this picture!


And here is Yosemite Fall as seen from the Shuttle Bus.


This was C’s grand’s first trip to Yosemite. They both said “AWESOME”!

Grandma, W and C

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