Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Trips – Pinecrest

One of my favorites and rating a visit as soon as I get home.  A least once a week, sometimes more, I hike at Pinecrest.  It’s a beautiful high elevation lake that is loved by many people, so requires strategic planning to avoid crowds. Happily this is simply accomplished by arriving early in the morning and staking out a place at the south end of the shore road.  Who would of thought?

The trail circumvents the lake in about 4 miles.  It’s a bit rocky with a couple good climbs, but mostly just fun.  I usually start out on the left side and cross the dam then to the headwater.



There were many wildflowers still blooming in the granite.  A bonus of our high Sierra, spring lasts many weeks as we follow it to the highest elevations.


There are at least 3 groups of snow plants along the trail. Probably more that I haven’t seen yet!


This year there’s a pretty meadow at the headwater with this reflection in a small pool of water.


Parts of the trail are across open granite with very small markers.  Super Nephew S led us through that section and SN G did some rock climbing.



Waiting for us back at the picnic area with a yummy lunch, Grandma L and Auntie soaked up some sun.


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