Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Trips – Big Trees

When I get home one of the first places I visit is Calaveras Big Trees.  Even with the late spring, most of the dogwood blooms were gone.  The best surprise was so many snow plants.  Super nephew G spotted this one.


We found this yellow violet along the Grove Overlook Trail.


And these tiny mushrooms.


I often take pics of old wood and they usually don’t turn out so good, but this one did!


When B was growing up we lived along the 120 corridor so didn’t get over over this way often.  Now I visit the Big Trees regularly. The kids have been coming here since they were toddlers and still love to hike, climb, and explore in the old trees.



Before heading home, we took a ride down to the river,  and found a few blooms of Mountain Laurel.


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