Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Texas State Park

My drive up to Goliad was on a quiet two lane road through beautiful ranch land.  This is the route I will take for future trips to the Gulf Coast.


Not so many rigs in the RV section of the campground.  I had my pick of several beautiful sites.


I was totally surprised to find the Mission Espiritu Santo is the corner stone of the park.  It was so like the churches we were visiting last year at this time in San Miguel de Allende that I had de je vue.


This beautiful mission is yet another of the CCC projects from the 1930s.


Sections of the stone walls were left bare to high light the brilliant construction as in this corner of the a near by building.


And this stone work over a door way.


See how the iron work at the bottom of the gate is shaped around the rock work for the gate post?


The many reconstructed rock walls around the grounds were left looking rustic but are very solid.


A century plant blooming in a corner.


And sunset.


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