Saturday, May 1, 2010

San Augustine

The next morning it was sad to say good-bye so soon to Nacogdoches. (Especially since I was just beginning to learn how to pronounce it....NAK a DOE chez).

We were headed generally north east without an agenda. By happy serendipity our next stop was in "Quite Naturally the Friendliest Downtown in Texas". Now that may SOUND like a marketing campaign but we soon learned it was very true!

While the highway is a bypass around town we turned off to follow the signs to the Visitors Center. A nice man told us to go back across the highway, park anywhere downtown, and go first to the Pinto Pony Cookie Factory where we would get a free Oatmeal Cookie.

Following instructions we pulled into a diagonal parking place while laughing at the 'extra' parking lane down the CENTER of the streets. It didn't take long to find the the cookie factory and get not one, but two free cookies and a cup of coffee! They were delicious and the owners ship cookies all over the world so be sure to check them out online.

After hearing all about how the building used to house the local paper published by the Cookie Woman's father and that her daughter, a graphic artist, had designed all of the cookie labels, we were sent up the street and around the corner to San Augustine Drug to the century old soda fountain for a complimentary "Grapefruit Cocktail".

After our refreshing drink we were were still following instruction to go up Main Street a ways to see the azaleas in the yard of a friend of the Cookie Woman. They were what we had come to expect by this time, absolutely brilliant.

There was one more stop to make according to the Cookie Woman, but we decided to explore the Courthouse Square on our way. First we found an old hardware store that sold everything from bedding plants, to pet food, to welding supplies.

The San Augustine Courthouse was in process of restoration, surrounded by chain link fence. That's Texas’ first Governor, James Pickney Henderson sitting out front.

There was no one around to explain the history of this ivy covered building. We peaked in the window to see dusty piles of drawings.

Even on a building this old the Texas lone star was a popular decoration.

Taken out of context, the door and window could be in San Miguel de Allende.

I bet April is the month for weddings in San Augustine.

Yard of the Month? more town pride, this place was amazing!

It was tempting to continue exploring off the Courthouse Square, but we had miles to go and reluctantly continued back to the car.

But there was one more stop at the Stripling Drug Store (now housing a photography shop) to see the town well. Yes, the well inside this building supplied the water for the town!

Beautiful old stairs were original to the building. On the other hand, the artificial flower covered 'wishing well' didn't look like it was original to anything.

No matter, I've been in many old downtown areas in small towns within a day's drive of Austin and there surely are none as friendly as San Augustine!

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