Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Swamp Thing

On Saturday we went to 'The Swamp Thing' to get into the spirit with Louisiana food and music for our fast approaching road trip.

There were many vendor with fun clothes, jewelry, hats, and food.

There were 'alligator bites' and Texas Taters, but the most incredible was....

Included in the ticket price was a crayfish lunch. People lined up four deep all around the event to wait for their serving. The folks cooking and serving were GOOD. The line moved amazingly fast.

I didn't get to see the boiling water vat that this cage came from, but I did see the steam rising off it as the crayfish were dumped into the 'serving' bowl.

In California I think these are called crawdads. I remember them in the Tuolumne River down at the 'fig trees' where we would feed them chicken bones.

They are kinda like lobster with the most meat in the tail.

To protect the innocent I will never tell who ate this funnel cake!

Not sure if these are masks or fans, but very pretty against the sky scraper.

They had two stages set up side by side so there was continuous music. When one band was playing another was setting up on the a joining stage. This is the Jimi Berg Band.

Remember the hats from the beginning?

The fun was just getting started when we left after a couple hours. It was time to get packed for the road trip!

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