Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruby M. Mise Azaleas

In April the Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden is the place to be in Nacogdoches. (In June it's in the blue berry fields, but that's another post). By happy serendipity I was there yesterday for the peak of the 2010 azalea season. Here are just a few of the many, many snaps I took in the early evening light.
The garden is a collaboration between the Stephen Austin University and several old local families. It's on 8 acres and has thousands of varieties of azaleas. They are planted among the native tress along with many other evergreen scrubs. A most beautiful combination is the azaleas and Japanese Maples.

Every azalea, shrub, tree, and plant is labeled. The ground is covered with mulch. There is this really cool observation tower for viewing from the top down that is not open to the public.

We walked for a good hour and a half in the garden. It was so beautiful and peaceful it was hard to leave. A young woman and her daughter on bikes stopped to visit. Everyone is very friends here and so proud of their city.

The red blooms were gorgeous. Not so many as the pinks and were my favorites.

An unusual color is this tangerine. There were only a few of this color and really stood out among the pinks and reds.

And finally, one perfect bloom...

Note: Nacogdoches is in East Texas (Piney Woods section).

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  1. Such a lovely garden! So different from the Hollywood version of Texas.

    I've been looking for an azelea in that tangerine color since 1998, but never found one in California. I saw one in a private garden outside of Plymouth, on the southwest coast of England. The homeowner, then in his mid-80's, spent most of his adult life in Kenya, so the original plant may have come from Africa. Hard to tell - in that part of England, azaleas are practically weeds! Thanks for sharing, and for jogging my memory of that happy day.


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