Friday, April 30, 2010

The Oldest Town in Texas

Nacogdoches is known as the oldest town in Texas. There is evidence of settlement on this same site that dates back to 10,000 years ago. It is near or on the site of the primary village of the Nacogdoche tribe of Caddo Indians. One story we heard was that an Indian chief sent his two sons, Nacogdoche and Natchitoches, out to establish villages. One ended up in what would become Texas and the other in what would be Natchitoches, Louisiana. True or not,they are both really fun and interesting places to visit.

Highway 21 becomes brick paved Main Street just after crossing Banita Creek. Our first stop was the very excellent Visitor's Center in the heart of the Historical District.

Here is a copy of a photograph of Main Street then.....

...and here is Main Street now....

The downtown area was great for walking and exploring with planters filled with colorful spring flowers along the sidewalk.

Over looking the whole town is the Lone Star Feeds plant. This is a really long shot so you can gauge how big it is!

Not just historical, this is a thriving business district, no empty store fronts. The dry goods store was sadly closed.

Here is one of many Victorian houses in town.

So much gingerbread and all of it in perfect with shiny white paint.

Still walking, we found the Land Office from 1897.

The Main Street Theater is from a much later period, but sadly the windows are boarded. I hope someone has a plan for it to be restored.

It was looking like time for our usual early dinner. A trio of local gals sent us to their favorite restaurant.......

.....The Clear Spring Cafe located next to the tracks in an old train station building. The food was really good but the kids (local University students) who worked there were the best. We had a fun evening visiting with them and getting to know their city.
If you read carefully, this historical monument will give you a good idea of the fun atmosphere of the Clear Spring Cafe.

Next door is the Depot in a state of restoration. The sun was low in the sky behind so not good for snaps.

After dinner we went to the most outstanding Mize Azalea Garden. This is so beautiful I had to post snaps of it the very night we visited so you will need to visit the previous post to see them.

My friend, Amanda, in Austin is from Nacogdoches. She is very proud of her hometown and now I know why. It's way cool and I can't wait to visit again!

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