Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why I Love Tuolumne County

Choices, choices, choices! Shall I go to the snow? or maybe hiking in the wildflowers? Or how about BOTH in one day?!? Last week that's just what I did......snow shoeing in the morning at Crabtree and hiking in the wildflowers in the afternoon at Knight's Ferry.

It's 45 minutes up Highway 108 (east) to the Crabtree cross-country trail-head. There is maybe 5-6 feet of snow that includes a foot or so of fresh powder. That's where I headed to try out my new snow shoes.

Very stylish, don't ya think? (By the way, it's fun to get into snow clothes knowing that they are not required for WORK!)

The cross country ski trails are marked out on the snow covered forest roads that I zip up in my car in the summer to the back country trail heads. There are several loops. One of the long ones is 5 miles up to the Aspen Meadow Pack Station. For sure I wasn't going that far, but it is reassuring to have the signs to follow when the snow is so deep.

Looking up the Crabtree road in pristine snow conditions. I couldn't believe we were the first to be out here since the last storm. It was totally beautiful.

Looking back on a broken trail.

We 'leap frogged' up the trial with a couple (and their dogs) from the Bay Area, taking turns breaking trail. Lesson learned, break trail downhill next time!

Frank, the pug, in his snow booties. That's a big smile on this face, both he and his buddie, Cricket, were loving their first snow shoeing adventure.

Shadows on the snow were very beautiful, but not show up so much.

And a 'snow cone'.

A couple hours out in snow that deep was about all I wanted to do and the idea of doing snow and wildflowers in the same day had me excited. After a stop at home to change from snow clothes to hiking clothes and short 15 minute drive (this time west), I was in fields of wildflowers!

California poppies are spectacular this season.

The bush lupines are just starting. And lots of popcorn on the hillside behind.

Could you find a better place to live than the Sierra foothills, or more specifically,
Tuolumne County?


  1. What an interesting day you had! How do you get a dog to keep those booties on their feet? And what is the benefit of them if you are in powder/packed powder? Have never seen that before.

  2. Cedar, I met that couple on the trail, so don't know much, but did see them working with little straps that held the booties in place. The dogs could not go out of the broken trail, they sank almost out of sight!


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