Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Showers

There was some type of fancy luncheon going on at Ironstone when we arrived. Channel 3 news was even there! With that on top of the drizzly weather we did a short walk around the ground before heading back to Murphys for a yummy lunch at Grounds.

The water wheel always catches my eye and gave me a few cool snaps. I love the woodwork.

No tourist panning for gold today. The real gold was the rain drops falling on the flume.

Daffodils are at their peak. If we get some clear weather next week, they will be spectacular.

And don't forget the tulips!

Most of my time for the next two weeks will be filled with California wildflowers. But I bet I can squeeze in another trip to see the daffodils at Ironstone again.


  1. That water wheel is truly cool!

  2. your closeup of the water wheel is outstanding!


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