Sunday, March 28, 2010

Solidarity Walk

Last Sunday Bernie participated in the Bataan Death March Memorial Walk at the White Sands Missile Range in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Here in California, Super Nephew S and I walked in solidarity with Bernie and Team Relentless. The NM walk was 26.2 miles in the high desert. Our walk here in CA was planned for as many miles as we could do along Don Pedro Reservoir in Tuolumne County. The NM walk started at 7 am. We started at 9:30 am. Super S and I were disappointed Super Nephew G, sidelined by a pesky fever, was not able to join us on the solidarity walk.

We started at the Ferretti Shrine, walked along old Highway 40 and into the Moccasin Point Boat Launch and Campground. It's a four mile loop. Some of the time we did the whole 4 mile loop, a few times we turned around at the 3 mile loop. Either way, we returned regularly to the car for water and snacks.

Dispatches via iPhone pics and texts kept burned up the airwaves between CA and NM. Here is a snap from Bernie of the sign welcoming marchers to White Sands.Back in CA we were walking in fields of wild flowers.

The gullies were still running with winter rain water.

The banks along the old road are mostly slate. This is one of my favorite formations.

Back in NM, Bernie sent a snap of CA poppies. They grow only about 6 inches tall in this harsh desert environment.

Our poppies on a steep hillside.

The redbud was in full bloom.

And the buck bush filled the air with it's fragrance.

Tiny buttercups bloomed in the rocky soil.

Mile 13 from New Mexico, the Team is half way!

Super S had called it a day at Mile 11 in CA. At Mile 15 the coolclearwater in Don Pedro was looking very inviting!

A text arrived from Bernie reporting Mile 24 completed. About that time I was at Mile 20 and getting both tired and lonesome. Time to call it a day!

Our best love and congratulations to Bernie and Team Relentless who completed their 26.2 miles in 11 hours!!!!

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