Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Shoeing on Old 120

After SuperBowl Breakfast at the fairgrounds with Dad, Jeanne, and the boys, I met friend, P, to go snow shoeing. We rented our shoes at Mountain Sage in Groveland and headed up Highway 120 to find some snow. It was really warm and the road was clear.

It was late to go all the way into Yosemite, so we stopped at "Carlon" on Evergreen Road. For those that remember this is the Forest Service's new name for Carl Inn.

The new fangled snow shoes are a snap and we were on the trail in no time. From the parking area, we took off up Old Highway 120. This is a great hike all the way to Hodgedon Meadow. We didn't intend to snow shoe that far!

A gate post held my camera for this shot.

The temps were so warm the trees were dripping and some places in deep forest the snow wasn't so deep.

P crossing a creek. The tooth like grippers on the bottom of snow shoes made for very stable walking, even in water.

Looking up South Fork of the Tuolumne past old bridge abutment.

I don't remember the actual Carl Inn or the old bridge, but I do remember stopping here along the river on our trips to Yosemite Valley. Sister has many old pics, I will try to find some of our stops.

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  1. It's been at least three years since I was out on my snowshoes. Shame on me! Your pictures are so enticing. Maybe this weekend when I'm off work?


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