Friday, February 26, 2010

Yay Panthers!

Jamestown's Panthers played in a tournament in Tuolumne a couple weeks ago. One of their games was in the Veteran's Memorial Hall.

Practicing long shots...

The defense is ready for action....

I wonder how many miles the players run from one end of the court to the other in the course of a game?


Great job, Panthers!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Copper Doggie Day

We went to a doggie event over at Copperopolis at the new shopping center called "Copper Square". It's build around a town square, all buildings are reminiscent of the 1850s. Priscilla graciously shared her King Charles Cavalier Spaniels with G and S. The boys bonded immediately with "their" dogs and had a fun day learning about heeling, sitting, and treats.

G and Bailey checking out the competition for the 'best of parade' prize.

S and Emma relaxed near the gazebo.

Both S and G practiced their dog handling skills in anticipation of the grand event.

A pink rinse on her hair and a tutu couldn't slow down this pug pup! She was ready to take on all comers.

An old car group came by to watch the doggie fun.

All together 80 dogs of all sizes and varieties participated in the parade. They created a circle that reached all the way around the square and made several walking loops while the winners were chosen. For us, the best prize was meeting new friends!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Green House Veges

Chard and snow peas in Dad and Jeanne's green house.....

Snow Shoeing on Old 120

After SuperBowl Breakfast at the fairgrounds with Dad, Jeanne, and the boys, I met friend, P, to go snow shoeing. We rented our shoes at Mountain Sage in Groveland and headed up Highway 120 to find some snow. It was really warm and the road was clear.

It was late to go all the way into Yosemite, so we stopped at "Carlon" on Evergreen Road. For those that remember this is the Forest Service's new name for Carl Inn.

The new fangled snow shoes are a snap and we were on the trail in no time. From the parking area, we took off up Old Highway 120. This is a great hike all the way to Hodgedon Meadow. We didn't intend to snow shoe that far!

A gate post held my camera for this shot.

The temps were so warm the trees were dripping and some places in deep forest the snow wasn't so deep.

P crossing a creek. The tooth like grippers on the bottom of snow shoes made for very stable walking, even in water.

Looking up South Fork of the Tuolumne past old bridge abutment.

I don't remember the actual Carl Inn or the old bridge, but I do remember stopping here along the river on our trips to Yosemite Valley. Sister has many old pics, I will try to find some of our stops.

Home again!

Home again to California, on Friday morning I walked the perimeter fence, dodging raindrops and looking for the first wildflowers. The only ones I found were these tiny white flowers that might be from the moss.

Along the north boundary are piles of rocks that held the original fence posts in place on the lava cap. Dad built the 'new' fence in the late 70s, maybe early 80s.

These three does were out for a walk in the rain with me!
Moccasin Peak was shrouded in clouds, and no Yosemite peaks were visible.

The vernal pools on the lava cap are all full of water. In a few weeks they will be masses of wildflowers.

No leaves yet on the buckeyes.

But many 'eyes' were sprouting under the trees.

This is the fence line on the west side.

Across the fields the tall grass looked like white flowers, maybe popcorn, but it was the raindrops caught on the blades.