Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year Hike

Some Texas state parks are closed on major holidays. I called to check on Thursday morning, Enchanted Rock would be open!

My plan was to walk the Loop Trail. It's a four mile walk around the base of the mountain. You might guess, the summit could not be ignored on such a gorgeous morning, so up I went. There was more water in the pools than I have seen before thanks to recent rains.

The modified plan was to drop back down the Summit Trail and pick up the Echo Canyon trail out to the Loop Trail and then back to the trail head.

The park has a really good map with some topo lines so I knew I was on the trail. It dropped over these loose slaps of granite and then into a stream bed of big boulders! Even my favorite mule, Rosie, could not negotiate this 'trail'. I was glad it was a cold winter day because I would not want to share this section with the rattlesnakes.

Shortly after the rough part, the trial passes Moss Lake. It's just a speck of a reflection from up on the summit. There's a walk-in campground near-by for the rock climbers. I bet they come in via the Loop trail and not the creek!

A long shot of rock formations near the summit.

It's fun to visit at different times of the year. Usually I take pictures of the lichen, this day it was moss.

It was also the first time I have ever seen water in Sandy Creek. Looks like the perfect place for a toddler to play in the water (hint, hint)!

Back to the telephone call to check if the park was open, the ranger I talked to sort of laughed when I asked the question. Now I know why, Enchanted Rock is evidently a New Year's Day ritual for locals. I had arrived early, all was quiet. Back to the parking lot about 1100 and the place looked like Pinecrest on the 4th of July!!! People, kids, dogs, cars everywhere, all having fun, and bundled up in their new Christmas gear. The concession was even open. Maybe it wasn't the wilderness experience I had expected, but the iced tea sure tasted good!


  1. those rock formations are so interesting,... the individual shapes as well as the overall scene. Looks like you had a good day!

  2.'s a fabulous area, I hope to go back as soon as it warms up!


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