Friday, November 27, 2009

Downtown Holiday Fun

Over the past several years of spending holidays in Austin some new traditions have been evolving. First up is the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. One year when we did it the temps were frosty. Last year we all dressed way too warm. And this year it was a perfect day. The 5 mile 'trot' is staged from Waterloo Park and that's the Capital in the distance.

If you look really closely at the back of the crowd to the left of the street light you can see me and Katie waving to Bernie taking pictures across the street.

Several thousand people do this run/trot/walk. The serious runners are at the front of the crowd and walkers bring up the end. Everyone loves to participate in this tradition. Many many families, kids in wagons and strollers, wheel chairs, more dogs than you can imagine, some turkeys (really!), and even an older guy with a walker. That's the starting line down the street and the Longhorn Stadium in the distance.

Kathleen graciously invited us to dinner that afternoon. Her boys are in San Diego and Africa, it was fun to have them join us via Skype. Pai floated flowers in the fountain.

The Christmas Parade is on Saturday following Thanksgiving. I had the perfect parking plan for my van, the only glitch was the fact that Congress Street was closed for the parade. That meant parking on the east side of town. It was happy serendipity though because it was a nice walk from Red River past Congress Street which was empty with the Capital in the distance.

On down to the end of First Street is the Bell Tower.

We planned to meet at the Farmer's Market on Guadalupe. I was so happy to find squash blossoms! The farm that was selling these told me they harvested all because they were afraid of a freeze next week.

Pai had a bird's eye view of the parade. She is almost toooo big to ride on B's shoulders!

When the first balloon came by she said "Look at that! It's a huge balloon! I want one!".

This year there were TWO horses in the parade!

As always many bands and singing groups. These are the "Beehives".

We watched the parade across the street from this building. The sky was filled with fluffy clouds most of day. But not cold. Lunch at a local Ethiopian restaurant ended a very fun day!

And now it's almost time for the Christmas bazaars.....the Blue Genie, the Armadillo, and Keep Austin B1zarre are the three biggies. There are so many talented people selling their creations and continuous music. I can't wait!


  1. The Beehives -- what an absolutely grand name for a female group! Looks like you are having a ball in Texas.


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