Monday, November 23, 2009

Back Down the Trail

At the end of the walking tour of the pueblo we were offered several choices.....catch the bus for ride back down to the Cultural Center, meet with vendor 'guides' for shopping, or walk back via a trail down the mesa.

View from the west end of the pueblo from the edge of the mesa. It really is an edge, pretty much a straight drop off to the valley.

And the Cultural Center...

I bet you guessed that I would choose to take the trail back down to the valley! The first section is a stairway.

The main part of the trail is carved from the rock. Notice the handholds on the left. As the trail became very steep I was happy to use the handholds.

Around the corner it becomes more of a ladder than a stairway.

Looking back up through the cut in the mesa washes out in the bright sun.

It's probably not quite a 400 foot climb down. It was actually kind of spooky but I was glad nobody else came along. And I kept a close watch for rattle snakes on in those narrow spots.

The rock looks more like living tissue than a solid mountain. (some would say it 'is' living)

There were several examples of the fifties influence in building style. These windows reminded me of my front door at home!

Hope somebody is planning to do more to restore this one than just these braces.

After the initial descent from the mesa the walk back across the valley to the Cultural Center was really nice. I got to soak up the feel of the country and spend some time imaging life in a different time.

The cafe has all kinds of interesting choices. R had a traditional Indian fry bread taco. The bread was light and fluffy, so good! Mine was pinto beans and a vege tamale filling. Both were outstanding.

Excellent museum visit after lunch. Gift shop has lovely selection, but expensive!

We had intended to spend a couple hours at Acoma. By mid afternoon, after closer to 6 hours, we were sorry to be leaving. One last look back at the pueblo.....


  1. No one else took that trail down? When Jean and I were there in April, most did - and I had a good laugh figuring out how I was going to do one part of it. Jean loved watching, then copying :) Yes, Acoma is well worth visiting!

  2. Nope, just me. Maybe because there weren't that many on the tour, maybe 10 total.


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