Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Acoma Cultural Center

The Acoma (a ka ma) Pueblo is about 15 miles south of the Sky City Casino on 40. It's a good road in through the reservation, the signage leaves something to be desired, especially at night, but that's another story, and there will be no complaining from me!

The first views of the pueblo are from the far side of the valley before dropping down the hill. The elevation is right around 7000 feet with another 400 up to the top of the mesa. The pueblo is on the third layer in this shot, kinda fuzzy, just wanted you to get a feel for the geology of the area. On the far side of the pueblo mesa is another big valley that was cultivated for dry farming.

We passed these amazing rock features on the way across the valley but didn't take any pics until the return trip out...... after purchasing a camera permit.

Check out the perfect 'door' into this one...

The photo permit was required to be hanging on my camera at all times.

The Cultural Center is very new; has a museum, cafe, gift shop, maybe a library and various meeting rooms. It's a gorgeous building with those big doors that open on a central pivot with the slightest touch. This is a look at the back....

Beautiful sculpture in courtyard. Note chimney in far background.

And here is a closer look at the smoke stack, very cool!

A ladder to a kiva (scared place) on an upper level.

We had just a few minutes to absorb this beautiful building before the bus arrived to take up on the mesa for a guided tour of the pueblo. BTW, for those who might be as confused as I was....it seems like the terms 'Sky City' and 'Acoma Pueblo' are used interchangeably for the pueblo. The casino and hotel (located on 40) are clearly 'Sky City.


  1. Very interesting - I've driven by many times but never stopped. How much is the camera permit?

  2. The permit is $10....thank goodness they don't charge by photo...I would have been in big trouble!


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