Tuesday, September 1, 2009

String Beans

When we were kids the recipe for string beans didn't have a name. I guess this was because no other recipes to cook strings beans were ever considered, so no descriptive name was necessary.

First step was to the pick the beans from the monster garden at the ranch. Then the beans could be cooked there or at home or at any other family member's place. There were many green beans!

Next, rinse the beans and find a porch, or step, or garden swing to settle in for removing the tips and strings.

This is Grandma Opal's paring knife. I can't even imagine how many beans she did with this little knife.
Cut into bite size pieces.

OK, for the traditional method, add tomato sauce and lots and lots of bacon. My take on this old favorite is to saute some onion and garlic, add the beans and a can of Italian style stewed tomatoes, then simmer til just tender. Oh so good!

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