Friday, August 7, 2009

Wildlife Safari

It was really hot when we left home, 110 plus temps. We were loving the cool weather at the coast, but alas, it was time to turn inland. Next on our agenda was the Wildlife Safari. It's in the hills outside of Roseburg. We arrived in town with the record northwest heat wave and felt right at home. A quick change of venue to a motel with pool and everybody was happy.

The Wildlife Safari is a drive through. Many interesting animals, most seemed content, although that could have been due to the ridiculously hot day!

My favorites were the zebras. They shared many acres with the giraffes. This mare was leading the herd on a wild run because the keepers had just been by to shoot a vaccination dart into her rear end!

All the Black Bears were in the water, this one pretending to be a sea otter.

G favorites were the cheetahs because they are the fastest animals on earth. The Wildlife Safari is highly respected around the world for it's successful breeding program. This is an amazing animal. We weren't really so close, it's the zoom on the camera.

Five year old Frank was waiting to take G and S for a ride around the compound. He was really friendly, let us pet him, that wiry looking hair on the top of his head was soft!

After several hours at the Safari, it was back to the pool. Roseburg hit a record 111 degrees that day! We watched smoke raising and planes flying from the pool. And were disappointed the next morning to find the highway to Crater Lake closed due to the forest fire. It wasn't hard to decide to head back to the coast. We stayed again at Gold Beach. S and I took and early morning walk across the Patterson Bridge over the Rogue River.

We were all happy to be back in the cool fog that hung along the coast most of that day, lifting just often enough to keep us interested with glimpses of the ocean.

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