Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trees of Mystery

On the way up the coast we didn't have time to stop at the Trees of Mystery. Paul and Babe were waiting for us this time. The kids wanted to ride the Sky Trail. I wanted to do the Wilderness Trail.

This redwood forest is so different from our isolated pockets of "big trees". And these are really, really tall!

Tiny pink flowers.

OK, so the tickets for the gondola ride up the mountain were purchased. I left the gang waiting in line. Uh oh, they look a little worried!

The Wilderness Trail is actually a walk down the mountain from the top of the Sky Trail ride.
At the bottom there is a sign that says to check in with the gondola attendant before starting up the trail. The gift shop, Paul and Babe are a bit touristy, so while I didn't take it too seriously, I did let the attendant know I was walking up to the top.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but turns out, they weren't kidding. It's a hard 1 mile, 1000 foot climb and took me most of an hour. Only six switchbacks resulted in a very steep climb. I was glad for the ropes in places.

Another tiny member of the forest family.

There is a glimpse of the ocean from the Observation Deck at the top. No blue sky for contrast so no pic. I was pretty tired so decided to ride down. At the bottom the attendant gave me a thumbs up; I guess he was keeping track!

That night we found the perfect stop......campsites AND cabins at the Emerald Forest. The kids and I set up our camp while Linda settled in her cabin for a few hours of respite. We had purchased the fixings for S'Mores for Carter Lake. We got some fire wood at the office and spent a lovely evening sitting around the campfire. This night was one of the highlights of our trip and seems like a good place to end.......


  1. I just found your blog by chance...I grew up in Eureka, just south of Trees of Mystery! And I'm visiting my hometown soon...really fun to see your post!

  2. PS Sorry, forgot to mention that pink flower is a fuschia. :o)


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