Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pullling the Pump

The pump in one of Dad's wells went out a couple weeks ago. I got home from Austin just in time to help him 'pull the pump'. Setting up required getting the backhoe in place, removing the pressure tank, and lining up a chain over the well.

The pump was at the end of several lengths of pipe. The first was only 10 feet, but the next three were each 20 feet. So, first we connected the chain to the pipe with a half hitch.

Dad created a 'clamp' to hold the pipe during moves of the chain or in the unfortunate event that the chain might break. It would catch the pipe to prevent LOSING it down the well.

Each pipe required several lifts.

First the clamp was was moved down to ground level, the chain readjusted, then Dad lifted the pipe another 6-7 feet with the backhoe.

When we reached a joint between pipes, Dad climbed up in the bucket of the backhoe to unscrew the pipe. At this point the pipe is not held by the chain and we lower it very gently to the ground.

Another shot up in the trees!

Two days of work and we have the pump out of the well. Unlike the rusty pipes, it looks good.

And upon careful inspection of the pipes, the real problems are rusty holes, not the pump.

The pump and pipes had been working in this well for more than 25 years. And now the same pump is back in the water, but at the end of black plastic pipe, next time pulling it out will be a snap!


  1. Reminds me of working side by side with my Dad when I lived at home. Thanks for showing Dad's don't only work with their sons, we daughters can hang with the best of them! VickieP


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