Monday, August 31, 2009

Eastern Sierra

A few weeks ago I met two new friends in Bishop to camp and explore the area. Because I am still getting to know my Roadtrek I was a bit worried about the drive over Tioga Pass, but no problems, all fine, even the ride down the other side to Lee Vining.

So we got all settled in our sites at Brown's Town RV and campground the first afternoon. Nice view of the mountains in the distance. And made a plan to go to the Bristle Cone pines the next day.

Sharon tows a Jeep Liberty behind RV 'Hope' and graciously drove us all over the mountains for the next three days!

At the Bristle Cones we did the Discovery Loop hike and just soaked in these spectacular trees.

Lucky for us we caught the ranger talk, she told to be sure and notice the wood on the ground that can be as old as 11,000 years!

Keough's Hot Springs is a few miles south of Bishop on 395.

Built in 1819, the pool is longer most new pools, and the minerals in the water make swimming really fun, kind of like salt water. The sprinkler is to cool down the temp of the water. Just behind the sprinkle is the REALLY warm water in a smaller pool for soaking.

Along the Highway 395 corridor, the creeks flow from watershed areas (basins) in the mountains, with developed recreation areas, campgrounds and trail heads along the 10 miles or so to the end of the roads at elevations of 7000 feet or so. It's easy to quickly get to very high elevations. Our second day we explored the Bishop Creek area. There are several small dams along the creek owned and operated by Southern California Edison.

(Aside to former Watershed Keepers.....I talked to one employee on the dam doing a measurement with a piezometer.....his position was 'hydrographer'!)

These mountains are the top of the Sabrina Lake watershed.

And this is Sabrina Lake. Many fisher people. And lots of trails to high country lakes that look like good day hikes.

This is North Lake. The colors in image don't do justice to how beautiful these mountains are in real life!

Wild currents were blooming all over the mountains. Notice the small leaves....over at Big Trees the leaves are much bigger. Also noticed the back packers weren't carrying bear cylinders, so am guessing they aren't such a problem in this area.

Looking down from road to North Lake to little settlement called Aspendell and a peek of South Lake.

It was 15 miles out of Bishop to Sabrina Lake at the top. Several campgrounds along the way. Bishop Creek is more like a river, even in August, still running with snow melt from the mountains.

Our get together went by way too fast, I can't wait to go back!

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  1. What a grand trip. What beautiful mountains! I would love to have been there with you!


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