Monday, June 22, 2009

Week-end Walks - Sun

My post on May 30 has some shots of the front of this little church on El Chorro. From the courtyard I didn't realize this arch lead to one of my favorite things in San Miguel...a stair street!

Looking back down toward the courtyard. These are really steep!

The trees in front of the church were full of cranes. It was neat because when I was heading back across town on one of the top streets I used the cranes as a way to orient myself to my starting point.

These bells are on the top of the Casa de Cluture. I got to hear them ringing!

This was a good place to rest.

Before continuing up, up, up......

After reaching the top of the stair street I took the next uphill street. The flags are almost as bright as the buildings!

Another abuela out for a morning walk.

Mary in a window of a private house near the top.

And finally, the Cruz de la Puebla. Much of the town can be seen from up here, and it's above the big buildings and traffic so it's possible to hear music from all over town. There were at least three different bands I could hear this Sunday morning.

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  1. What wonderful picture walks you are posting! I've enjoyed each an every one!


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