Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunset Shopping

The afternoons are pretty hot here, low 90s, not much evidence of the rainy season yet. Usually I go out when it's cooler as the sun is setting to take pictures. You probably recognize this red house, we walk past it almost everyday, and I usually take a picture.

This building didn't catch my eye during the day, but at sunset, it's amazing too.

These beautiful dresses were hanging high on the wall in a shop where I bought a woven bag.

Across from El Jardin are many touristy type shops that are long and skinny. At the end of one, it opened up into a huge old courtyard with an art gallery. What a happy surprise!

A young woman selling rungs gave me a demonstration of the process the artisans use to make the different colors of natural dyes. It was very fascinating and the rugs are beautiful. But I can't bring one home on the airplane. Need to do some internet shopping.

Some of the colorful objects for sale in another shop.....

And back outside to enjoy the sunset....

This building and the backside of the Temple de la San Francisco are across the street from the store where we do most of our groceries.

This wall is just down the street from us, at different times of the day it turns different colors. I have another morning shot that is almost yellow.

At home this glowing chair greeted me on the veranda!

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  1. I am enjoying my Mexican visit through your eyes. It is so neat to be staying in one place long enought to get to know it a little. BTW, loved those roosters.


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