Saturday, June 6, 2009


It's kind of a complicated process posting blogs from San Miguel. For an unknown reason, the ISP here does not allow images from goggle's blogspot site to appear.
Bernie spent some time looking for a way around that issue, with help from friends around the world! Nothing worked for my computer. Lucky for me, she is able to do a work around through a couple networks and ISPs on her computer.

Several maps and an excellent guide book have helped me learn my way around the city and identify streets, churches, buildings correctly.

So, the first step is to down load images from my camera to MY computer with a card reader.

Second, I reduce the size of the images I want to post.

Third, save the images to a thumb drive.

Fourth step, I open my blog on Bernie's computer and create the post with the images saved on the thumb drive! Crazy, huh?

Thanks Bernie for making this happen, and letting me use your computer!

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