Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fresh Flowers

When we arrived in San Miguel the owner of our house had a lovely bouquet of lillies in our villa.
Fresh flowers are available all over town. This morning on my walk I passed a church being decorated for a wedding. The flowers were all white, one lily was at least 8 inches across!

There are several flower vendors in the fresh vegetable section of El Mercardo.

We chose one stem of each color of lily. Five colors at 20 pesos each was 100 pesos for a huge bouquet! By the way, that's less than $10US.

The young flower vendor was very skilled at creating beautiful bouquets.

On the way home we passed these these burros carrying big loads of soil. The Senor knocked at each door to ask if the owners needed soil for their gardens. Since then, I've seen several of these door to door 'soil' vendors.

Sometimes I don't have my camera and miss a really great shot, this morning it was an elderly woman carrying a load of twigs on her head. Pai was totally confused as we couldn't even see her face. I really wish I had that picture, it would have been an excellent reminder to stay in gratitude.

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