Friday, June 12, 2009

Bellas Artes

The street side wall of Bellas Artes is a continuation of the yellow wall of the La Concepcion and was originally a convent for the church. Now it is an art school. If I had to pick two favorite places in San Miguel, the "stair" streets would be one and Bellas Artes would be another. It is the classic colonial design with a courtyard in the center.

The arched walkways surround the courtyard on all four sides with a second story.

The doorways are all of this unassuming design.

Two stairways lead to the upper level.

A wooden craving of Christ on the Cross hangs in one stairwell.

The upper level has a new exhibit since I took these pictures, maybe I will get a chance to see it tomorrow before we leave.

The dome of neighboring La Concepcion and the courtyard of Bellas Artes.

A double set of stairs leading down with mural of spinners.

There is also a bookstore and a cafe in the Bellas Artes. It's favorite stop for pizza!


  1. That shot looking up the stairs with the light at the top,.... very nice! I also like the arches in the ceiling of the walkway makes for an interesting shot.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I just love all the arches.


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