Saturday, May 30, 2009

Temple de la San Francisco

If one plaza is too busy it's not a problem to find another pleasant place to enjoy the evening. El Jardin had a big political rally in progress (race for mayor of San Miguel), so we went around the corner to the Temple de la San Francisco. The plaza is smaller and quieter, not so many people, most were inside for evening Mass.

The carvings above the window above the doors above.

And the bell.

The kids here are really curious about this little blonde pixie.

A vendor set up his assortment of nuts to catch the people leaving Mass.

These looked tempting but she ended up with her favorite.....pistaschios.

Sharing with Renita.

The bells of the Temple de la Terchera Orden on the other side of the square. The sun is just beginning to set.

On another side of the square on Calle Rolox.

Almost sunset, again on Calle Relox. Renita went to a local shop for churros. They are a fried, pastry snack, sometimes made with potato dough, always yummy, sorry no pics!

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  1. Diana, your shots of the bells and the windows are so artistic. I love them!


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