Sunday, May 24, 2009


I went out for a sunset walk after an afternoon thunderstorm,  the light was amazing.  This is looking up our street from our villa.  It's one way coming down, very busy in middle of day.

My apologies to San Miguel for not knowing the names of the streets, churches and beautiful builds.  I am learning them though!  This building is on north/south street behind the Parroquia.

And a closer look at the plants and statues.

This beautiful rainbow was behind General Allende.  He was a leader of the Mexican revolution and that's why the city of San Miguel has his name added.

No need to talk about this building, it was absolutely glowing!

A beatiful clock tower near the Parroquia.
This vendor was walking home after a hard day selling toys on the streets.  

I walked in a big loop around town as the sun was setting,  all the buildings were gorgeous, and the bell towers don't  need any explanation either.....

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