Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Fun

Before naptime we went out to find cookies at a bakery Ruth recommended. When we are on the streets, Pai is either carried, rides in the backpack, or is held tightly by the hand. In the plazas and squares she has a little more freedom, and here you can tell by her body language that this is a no-hands zone.

The cookies, cinnamon rolls, and coffee were great as promised, but the most fun was little bird that was singing his heart out for Pai and everyone else within a hundred yards.

Naptime is when Bernie or I go out on our own. This afternoon I headed for the Mercardo, an open air, but covered market. Often corners have brightly colored fountains, this one has a telephone too.

And as the "tourist police" was relaxing in the courtyard next door I took advantage of the opportunity to get a picture of his saddle. I just happened to think... I guess women don't get to be members of the tourist police in Mexico.

Wandering into a courtyard that appeared to be public (but not completely sure) I found this twig broom on the grass. Now, here is a group that allows women.....the street sweepers. Every morning they are out in force sweeping the streets with these twig brooms. I would love to get a picture of the process, but it seems disrespectful.

The vegetable/flower/meat market is open on the sides, but covered, and looks something like a big warehouse. This is one tiny section.

I made my way through the artians market and then headed home via this plaza on Calle Insurgentes. It's siesta time so very quiet, in a couple hours it will be full of people enjoying Saturday evening.

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  1. The pic of the market and the fruit stand is so colorful!


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