Saturday, May 30, 2009

Parque Juarez

Every couple days Maricruz and I take Pai up the Parque Juarez to the kids playground. It's a good walk, maybe a mile or so on the city streets. Pai rides in the backpack and often lays her head down on my back. I think maybe she is going to fall asleep but as we enter the park she perks up and says "There it is!". Lots of fun structures to climb, slide, and swing. After an hour or so we go out into the Parque to walk around while Pai cools down.

The gazebo is near the playground, there's a basketball court, and these wide sidewalks cross the Parque in several directions.

Pai's not much for posing for pictures, they are usually action shots, this one was a happy accident!

Here's the fountain. There are fountains in all the squares, plazas, and often on street corners. The water is always crystal clean and clear.

Another daily activity is watching the evening light. I moved the flowers from the dining room out onto the verranda to try to catch it.

The parrot is made of wood, but makes a nice garden ornament!

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