Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Garden Villa

I'm posting from the Publica Biblioteca! YAY!!! They have a super fast network and my (and everybody else's) blogspot images are here again! Soon I will devote an entire post to the Publica Biblicoteca, first I want to show you our temporary home in San Miguel de Allende.

Both of our flights on Saturday were delayed due the thunder storms in the South West resulting in a later arrival than planned, but still well before dark, with plenty of time for us to settle in our beautiful new home!

We are in the historical district with cobble stone streets and high narrow sidewalks. The homes are behind garden walls with one small door for people entry and usually a set of double doors for furniture, etc. This is the street view. The double doors are out of the shot to the right.

Just on the other side of the people entry door is this lovely space. The walls are very thick so it's always one of the coolest spots in the compound.

The lower courtyard is between the entry and the owner's residence. The hallway just right of the center of shot leads to middle courtyard and stairs to our villa.

And looking back through the hall to the lower courtyard.

OK, just a quick note about the Biblioteca coffee shop.....Bernie ordered fries for Pai (her current favorite), the waiter said it would take a few minutes because they are made by hand! This is the second time we have ordered fries that turned out to be made from scratch and deliscious!

Back to the tour. These stairs lead up to our villa. It's long and narrow with a combination kitchen, dining, and living room. A short walk along the veranda leads to the two bedrooms.
We didn't notice until a rain shower that the veranda is covered in front of public spaces, but not on the way to bedrooms!

Along the stairs to our place is this fountain and fish pond. Pai has been loving helping Ruth feed the fish each morning.

The little kitchen is darling with green tiles, but pic was glarey so will do that again. This is looking from kitchen through dining to living room and fire place. All the rooms have many sky lights so the natural light is incredible, even in bathrooms with no wall windows.

French doors open to the veranda along the whole building. The window in the blue bedroom over looks the garden. There are no screens. Pai likes to sit in the window with her legs hanging over the edge. Not to worry, it's only a two foot drop.

This is a long shot looking up from the stairs to the blue room french window. You can see by the look on Pai's face how much she is loving it. Not to mention ranking first above even the home made french fries are the orange popsicles discovered a couple blocks from home.

Just a quick note about the consists of the owner's residence, a little casita (one room unit) and our villa at the top of the lot. The current owner brought it three years ago and has turned it into a perfect secret garden between the streetside walls.

Whew! now that I have the Biblioteca I can start posting about our adventures, it is an absolutely fabulous city. We are all having the best time. Stay tuned....


  1. How very beautiful. I've always admired courtyards and wished that they were more common in the USA.

  2. Glad I checked tonight. Was great to see the villa.

  3. Lovely! how long will you be staying there? Are Mexican vacations expensive? Everything looks so beautiful!

  4. Cedar, we will be here a month. The cost is reasonable. Since we are splitting the rent three ways, my share is just $666.


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