Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meeting Maricruz

Pai's temporary nanny, and Grandma's helper, here in San Miguel is Maricruz. She started on Tuesday afternoon. B went to work and we went to El Jardin to feed the birds. We met a nice man who shared his bird food with us. After the food was gone, Pai and a little Mexican boy chased the birds around the square. I think this will be a favorite activity!

Along the way to El Jardin is this little cafe that serves a single choice of entry depending whether it's breakfast or lunch.  Notice the fresh orange juice again.   A few doors down is another little shop that sells mostly snacks.  It's now know as the "popsicle store"!  

I bought these fig from an old man carrying around a five gallon bucket full of figs and another of apricots.  They were delcicious!

And this is the dog who lives in another little snack shop a few doors down from us.  He is out everyday sitting on the stoop, greeting customers and people passing by.

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