Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fruit Vendor

Fresh fruit is sold by vendors on many streets.   We buy fruit everyday.  At first we got a variety, but quickly zeroed in on the mangos.  They are heavenly.  We add some melons,  but nothing beats the mangos!

The vendor peels and cuts up the fruit was we wait.  Look closely in the background to see the stainless steel cart of another vendor across the plaza.

She is clearly concentating on her work in the shot above and here you can see why.  That knife was very very sharp!

The fruit is cut into  a big plastic cup, it's then slipped into a plasic bag and a fork goes into the top.  Pai ate mango all the way home this day from her perch in the backpack.


  1. do they wash their hands before handling your food? that knife does look wicked sharp!

  2. Everything is very clean here. When this Senora finished she put a plastic bag on her hand to take the money from me.


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