Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Walk Around Centro

The first evening we were in San Miguel we wandered around looking for a place to get food Pai would like and some basic groceries. We saw a festival/celebration in a square a couple blocks away with dancers in costume. It was a birthday party for a saint, don't know which one! Never did find a good place to eat that night, Pai was just too tired, so Bernie took her home while R and I walked about El Jardin, and then home.

Sunday we explored between naps, beginning to get a feel for the city. This is the Parroquia de San Miguel. It is the "parish" church but as you can see, it's more like a cathedral! Pai calls it a castle and says "go see dragon" when we walk past!

Just in front of the Parroquia is the Jardin Allende, a beautiful plaza with gazebo, criss-crossing paths and manicured trees.  In the plazas the trees are trimed in a square shape that seems to offer not only beauty but much appreciated shade.  The paths are all lined with benches that are usually filled with people, the only time I have seen it quiet here was early in the moring.

We are on the north end of this street,  this view is on the far side of the Parroquia from us and looking south.  The city is very hilly, sort of like San Franciso,  on this day, though, I had NO idea just how street the streets really are!

Many, if not most, of the buildings have flat roofs that are perfect for roof gardens.  

Back to El Jardin,  there are kids everywhere, and the ballon/toy vendor is out everyday.  

The buildings are painted all bright beautiful colors,  it's hard to resist taking pictures of every one.  This rose one had a pretty street light too.

On a main street just around the corner from us is a little square with several small outdoor vendors.  This one is our favorite.  Orange juice is fresh squeezed and served to go in a plastic bag with a straw.  It's fun to talk to the senora as she squeezes the juice.  Most people are VERY patient with my poor, poor Spanish!

Here are the "tourist police".  They are all over the historical district.  I've seen many different horses so am guessing it's a pretty big group.  The horses are completely mellow,  it's unlikely,
given the fireworks, music, dancing, that anything would spook one of them.

There are low wires everywhere, and because I don't doctor my pictures in Photoshop, you will be seeing many, many wires.   And I love the windows, so expect at least a daily, if not more, windowpost!  This one is across the street from the orange juice lady on the second story.  

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  1. I love the windows too,..that last shot is so beautiful!


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