Saturday, May 30, 2009

El Mirador

On all the maps of El Centro is a notation for "El Mirador", but no other info. Finally I came across a's an observation point, an overlook, of the city! So early Wed morning I decided to see the sunrise on San Miguel.

The streets were very quiet and the lights were still burning on the courtyard wall of La Temple de la Concepcion.

A closer shot of the dome.

To begin I followed our usual route across El Centro to Parque Juarez.

This is Calle Correr behind La Parroquia. I've never seen it empty!

Calle Jesus is very narrow, with tiny sidewalks. When I'm carry Pai in the backpack, most people will step into the street to let me pass, a benefit of being an 'abuela'.

So, past the Parque I stayed to the left and headed up the hill. The maps don't show all the small streets, the only way was up, so I wasn't too worried at this point.

In this general area is El Charro, a series of springs where women still come to wash their clothes. I see the springs, but will try again another day.

The sign says "Casa de la Cluture San Miguel de Allende". It looks to be in process of remodel.
But with very little parking and it's location in the middle of a very steep street, I wonder how many people will be visiting.

Casa de la Cluture's fountain. I'm really curious about this buidling, it's not in the guide books, hope I can learn more about it.

My many rest stops offered lots of opportunities for pics.

La Temple de Charro is at the end of Calle Chorro and the top of the little street I had just climbed. The retaining wall is really, really high, and the street is narrow, so looking up at the churh.
It was before the churh opened, but people were all ready coming by. This is the narrow courtyard in front.
And two of several rock archways.

OK, not on the map, but the next street in the right direction and heading up the hill in a residential neighborhood. Definately off the tourist route. A man was walking up the street banging on a piece of metal, sort of like a towncryer with one of those triangles used to call in the cowhands. It was some kind of signal to the locals, maybe a call to Mass. By this point, I was beginning to doubt I would ever see El Mirador!

Finally to the top! A wide walkway with telescopes and a gorgeous view of San Miguel. I love the sun on the yellow buildings!

On the westside of town is a reservior. It must be the water supply. I don't have enough Spanish to attempt to ask about it.

Calle Mirador is a main north/south street at the top of the city. It was very busy with cars, buses, trucks with their backs loaded with workers, and as always, people walking.

Between the downhill street were little alleys. Some even had names, so I'm guessing there are entrances to residences along the alley.

Here's one going up the hill, too many cars on street for a good shot.
Yay! Jugo for sale in a doorway. Fresh squeezed juice is everywhere.

My favorite corner....Cruz de la Pueblo! Aren't the colors wonderful?

A window with stairs.

Bells and cells.

And home just in time for breakfast and a movie!

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