Tuesday, May 26, 2009

El Charro del Ingenio Bontanical Gardens

Sunday morning I got my 'nature' fix. Ruth invited me to go with her for a weekly hike through the Bontanical Gardens. The garden is at the top of the hill, maybe a mile and a half from El Centro. We took a taxi up and planned to walk back down.

In the distance we could see the Sierra de Guanajuato. We are all ready at 6000 feet so I'm guessing these mountains have some really high peaks.

The garden is 250 acres, including an ajoining Conservation Area. There are many, many beautiful, mature desert plants to see.

Paths edged in native stone lead through the garden to various special interest points. Today we went to the green house.

Inside is a collection of fascinating, unique and rare catus. I didn't take many pics so as not to slow Ruth down too much. The greenhouse itself was really interesting too.

Next to the Garden is a Conservation District which includes this silted in reservior that is now a wetland area for many wintering birds. Almost empty, it will be full shortly as the rainy season begins in June.

We happened across this bug along the trail. He was a good inch or more long!

The Colonias Dam was built close to 100 years ago to provide water and power for the Cotton Mill. We walked across the top of the dam and this section of spillway in the middle. It is a very beautifully designed dam. I was wishing for a wide angle lens.

By the way, the Cotton Mill is now the La Aurora Art and Design Center. That's on the list visit soon.

OK, back to the hike, we took the taxi up to the top, walked though the gardens, around the reservior, across the dam, and then on a trail along a very rugged canyon. Suddenly we were overlooking the city again and then through a gate into a neighborhood of gorgeous homes called La Balcones for the views. Continueing down the steep street I couldn't resist another shot of La Parroquia past the red roofs.

Breakfast was at Buenas Diaz Cafe. The best part for me was 'limeade' made from fresh limes,
carbonated water, a little sugar and lots of ice. The perfect end to a great hike.

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